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Power your operations sustainably and cost effectively with clean, green energy, straight from our warehouse roofs. We handle everything from design and permits to installation and ongoing maintenance, regardless of who owns the building. These onsite solar energy systems are designed to complement or offset your grid energy use.


Share your energy use and needs with us
We’ll do the maths and provide a proposal
We’ll take care of the rest
Get green power and lower energy bills

Cost savings

You pay zero upfront costs. If you’re in a Prologis building, there are no commitments beyond the terms of your lease. When installed in our facility, we also offer a pay-per-use billing model at or below the kilowatt per hour cost from your local utility.

No compromise on quality and service

Our buildings are long-term investments, so we design, build, install and maintain the entire system with a 30-year life expectancy. Therefore, you don’t need to source costly outside solar specialists to maintain your solar system.

Meet your sustainability goals

Capturing solar energy will help your business reduce carbon emissions, putting you on the path to a net-zero future.



When you need power most, you can be sure you’ll have it. With backup battery storage integrated into our SolarSmart system, you can save excess power for added resilience and reduced cost. It’s the ideal defence against power supply issues.

Protecting your business through outages

StorageSmart allows you to capture excess electricity for when you need it most. You’ll also have the peace of mind that your core business operations such as productivity, communications and security won’t be a concern, knowing that for security alarms and safety systems, you don’t need to depend on power from the grid.

Peak-hour efficiencies

Reduce utility bills with backup power that can operate during peak energy hours. After all, your SolarSmart and StorageSmart systems will continue to lock away energy even on weekends!


We look after the whole process, including managing and maintaining the system at no extra cost. Since we service the systems ourselves, there’s no need for extra staff or internal teams with expertise in these rapidly evolving areas.


Green Energy Certification

Energy + Sustainability Essentials Expert

Our Essentials Energy + Sustainability Expert is your single point of contact for every step of your Prologis Essentials journey.

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